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Vehicle Code § 12500 & 14601

Two common types of charges in criminal court, even though they are vehicle code offenses, are driving on a suspended license, and driving without a license.

V.C. Section 14601

The more common offense is for someone to be driving on a license that is currently suspended. The elements are that you have a license that has been suspended from its use. Thus, you were driving when the DMV, or the courts, said you shouldn't be. The penalties for a conviction under this offense are more severe than VC 12500, and could include mandatory jail time for multiple offenders.

Being able to get to work, taking the kids to school, even going shopping for food, all depend on a valid driver's license. Staying out of jail and avoiding possible DMV points on your driving record depend on a competent Suspended Driver's License Attorney.

VC Section 12500

To put it simply, this is driving without being licensed by the DMV. This is a very simple charge to prosecute. First, you had to be driving. Second, you didn't have a license. A conviction under this section usually doesn't mean jail time, but it could! There are usually fines and penalties attached to a conviction, and some are able to be reduced to infractions.

If you are facing driver's license suspension criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can adequately protect your rights and raise a strong defense on your behalf!

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